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Summer Beer: Our Top Light and Refreshing Brews

Posted by Beau Farrell on Jun 29, 2017 4:39:39 PM

summer beerA crisp, refreshing and light beer can quickly cool you down and make mowing the lawn a far more enjoyable chore. At Haskell's 13 locations, we have our coolers filled with six-packs and more of cold beers that are perfect for a hot summer day.

First, what's the difference between light beer and a regular beer? Approximately 40 calories. For instance, on average a 12-ounce regular beer has 150 calories, whereas a light beer will have 110 calories. And, less alcohol. With that said, we'll give you some options — true light beers, as well as regular beers that are perfect for a Minnesota summer.

Six True Light Beers

  1. Amstel Light — A light lager containing only 3.5% alcohol and approximately 35% fewer calories than regular lager beer.
  2. Beck's Premier Light — A light pilsner from Germany.
  3. Corona Light - You love it with a slice of orange or lemon. A classic.
  4. Labatt Blue Light — Our Canadian friends, a light lager with a slight sweetness and citrus-like hop character.
  5. Heineken Light — A cold, fresh-tasting light beer in that familiar green bottle.
  6. Sam Adams Light® — Lower in calories and alcohol, but full of flavor.

Six Minnesota-Made Perfect Summer Beers

  1. Fulton 'The Randonneur' Summer Saison — A refreshing, light-bodied Saison.
  2. Schell Shocked Grapefruit Radler - A light, crisp body combines mild malt flavor, hop bitterness and grapefruit.
  3. FINNEGANS Blonde Ale — Light-Bodied ale with a slight floral/fruity aroma and a crisp, clean finish.
  4. Indeed "Shenanigans" Summer Ale with Honey — A zesty, citrus-filled aroma, refreshingly dry body, and notes of honey.
  5. Lift Bridge Crosscut Pale Ale — Zesty citrus notes make this amber pale ale a summer favorite.
  6. Boom Island Witness — A refreshing Witbier, or white beer.

And, an extra for good measure

  • Summit Maibock — A seasonal malty, pale beer is brewed using Czechoslovakian Saaz hops, specialty malts, and German lager yeast.

Here is a breakdown of calories and alcohol content for about 200 popular beers.

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