A Guide to Game Day Food and Drink

Posted by Jack Farrell on Dec 10, 2014 10:18:33 AM

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Tailgating season is in full swing and there are more options than ever for game day food and drink. Whether you’re the pre-tailgate chef, the back-of-the-van bartender or the parking lot grill master, we want to help you handle the Minnesota tailgate like a pro. Anyone who’s attended a football game in our great state knows the struggle of tailgating in cold weather, so here are some of our best kept tailgating secrets.

Tailgating With Wine

Drinking wine while tailgating can be tricky because you need to make sure you’re choosing wines that won’t fight with your food but will cut through the flavors. Great white wines for tailgating include Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Sparkling wine or Champagne. These wines pair well with a number of go-to pregame foods. If you’re tailgating with red wines, you’ll want to go with Zinfandel, Côtes du Rhône or Beaujolais. These red wines are great for game day because they are still good with a little chill to them.

Best Wines to Pair With Game Day Eats

Pairing game day foods with wine is actually much easier than you may think. Both white and red wines pair spectacularly well with just about every tailgating recipe you might have on the menu. Here are some great food and wine pairings for your next tailgate:


HamburgersCotes du Rhone, Beaujolais, or Pinot Noir

Bratwurst—Cries for Riesling or a light Pinot Noir

Smoked Turkey—Riesling or Beaujolais

RibsMalbec (the perfect combination of sweet and spicy) or Zinfandel

Tailgating With Beer and Spirits

For those of you who would rather not venture outside the norm of tailgating with beer and liquor, here are some of our favorite tailgating drinks:

Margaritas—Opt for an easy, pre-made margarita.

Bloody Mary—Create your own signature version or purchase pre-made.

Mimosas—Use an inexpensive sparkling wine.

French 75—The perfect recipe for a tailgating drink.

Bull Shot—An acquired taste, but perfect for a cold winter day when served warm.

Before the game, visit one of our Minnesota liquor stores and let us know if we can help you find Minnesota craft beers to cheer on your hometown team with a homegrown brew. Or, tell us about your favorite tailgating eats and we’ll help you find the perfect food and wine pairing. Shop Haskell's Online

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