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The Best Winter Wines for Hearty Comfort Eating

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The Best Winter Wines for Hearty Eating - wine glasses, clinking, log fire – Haskells

The secret to a fabulous winter wine is finding one that can go toe-to-toe with the flavors on the table. Hearty foods need hearty wines. Not elegance, but strength: something robust and assertive that can hold its own with the filling meals we eat in wintertime, like pot roast, lasagna, bread soup, short ribs, and more.

Alright, so let’s get to it. It's a blustery winter night, and you've got some comfort food waiting for you. What goes in your wine glass? Here are a few of our favorite winter wines to add to the mix at your table this season.

The Best Winter Wines


Cantine di Ora Amicone ($16.99)

An extra drying process lends Amicone a sweet finish. Aromas of fresh raspberry and black cherry make it an ideal pair for meats – and a perfect substitute for a pricier Amarone.





Dr. H. Thanisch Riesling ($14.98)

A good riesling stands up well to the most succulent smoked meats, and this one nails it. Refreshing, fruity, and strongly identifiable.




la forge viognier

La Forge Viognier ($13.99)

It's a shame viogniers aren't better known in the U.S. (but on the plus side, here's your chance to seem like a wine snob). Weightier and more assertive than chardonnay, La Forge Viognier is a coarse aperitif or pair to cheeses, fruit desserts, and more.



fonseca port


Fonseca Ruby Port ($18.99)

In winter, "strong" is the order of the day for your plate, bowl, and now your wine glass. The deep color from which this port takes its name belies an intense fruity character, a full body, and a rich finish. Serve this one at room temperature for best results.



la forge syrah


La Forge Syrah ($16.99)

Full-bodied with velvety tannins, this syrah reveals aromas of blackcurrant and violet with notes of leather and licorice.


fortant cabernet sauvignon


Fortant Cabernet Sauvignon ($12.99)

This wine is deep purplish red in color and features an intense nose with notes of blueberry and violet, perfect for chilly winter nights. Round and delectable on the palate with lovely flavors of freshly picked black fruit.



As the go-to wine people in the Twin Cities, we know our way around the snow – and what's best to drink when the winter gets long. Check out our entire selection of wines online or in-store, and give us a ring if you're not sure what to pour next!

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