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Benefits of Shopping Local for Wine, Beer, and Liquor

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There are several reasons it makes sense to shop local when you're stocking up on your favorite drinks. Let's start with the fact that you'll likely have an overall better shopping experience.

Better Customer Service

When you build relationships with local business owners, they can help you find the right products and answer questions about what's in stock. You can get personalized recommendations from people who will have a greater knowledge of Minnesota-made drink options and local taste preferences.

If your goal is to discover a great new drink or impress an entire office full of people for a special event, the perk of getting great customer service is worth the effort of connecting with a local business.

Haskell’s loves helping people plan and throw great parties. Stopping into a store in person can help get the ball rolling and give you lots of ideas for any event, from the largest wedding to an intimate wine tasting evening with friends.

Socializing and Shopping

When we all lost the chance to shop in person during the pandemic we were reminded of how much fun it is to just swing by a store and walk the aisles looking for something special that catches our eye. You can experience that mental pick-me-up anytime now that we are able to shop freely again. Take advantage of it! You never know who you'll run into or what quirky experience or interaction you may have that'll make your entire day.

Get Some Steps In

Along with the social component of enjoying a trip to the store, you can also get those valuable steps in. A great way to do it, especially if you live or work downtown, is to walk to the store, purchase what you want, and have it delivered.

Find Unique Products

Haskell's built its reputation by bringing the best wines the world has to offer to Minnesotans for decades. Our staff is always hunting for a great flavor that Minnesotans are missing out on. Shop our selection and it's like having an international wine connoisseur making one recommendation after another for you.

You can get even more out of your relationship with Haskell’s by joining the Bacchus Membership program. Get special pricing on select products, earn points on every purchase, enjoy discount event tickets, and the quarterly newsletter filled with additional savings and drink recommendations.

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Bumping Up Local Businesses

Buying your drinks locally should give you the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you're helping other people in our Twin Cities community. You're supporting jobs in stores and the producers of the products you're buying. Cheers to that!

Think of it like voting with your dollars. When you shop locally you're voting in favor of a strong Minnesota economy, good jobs, and more investment in infrastructure.

Haskell's has been the go-to store for wine and more in Downtown Minneapolis for nearly 90 years. Of course today Haskell's operates locations throughout the metro–from Faribault to White Bear Lake and from Stillwater to Excelsior–so you are never far from a local expert on Minnesota's drink scene. We guarantee our expert staff can answer questions much better than a chatbot on a nationwide website. Stop in and we'd be happy to recommend libations that'll be sure to be local crowd-pleasers. New Call-to-action


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