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Try These Great Summer Wines Before the Season Ends

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Wines for Summer 2020 and How to Serve Them – Haskells

Drinks like beer and seltzer tend to dominate the summer cooler, but wine deserves a spot right alongside them. Whether it's for the taste itself or the way it pairs with summery foods, try these wines before the leaves change color!

Silver Beach Sauvignon Blanc

Passionfruit and grapefruit aromas – the Marlborough, NZ, signature – and enhanced textures give this varietal a distinct taste and feel.

Laville Pavillon Blanc

With its apple, honey, herb, and citrus aromas, this 2017 Bordeaux scored 93/100 in the 2018 Ultimate Wine Challenge. (It's still that good today.)

Chateau Mille Anges Blanc

Made with grapes from a 300-year-old vineyard, the taste of Chateau Mille Anges shows its sophistication from the attack through the finish.

vienot chablisChablis Vienot

This Chablis lives up to its history, hailing from one of the oldest and most prestigious Merchant Houses in Burgundy. A lemony mineral aroma and an acidic palate make the Chablis Vienot a natural friend of chicken, oysters, and other summer entrees.

Chablis Maligny

Proof that chardonnay doesn't need a food pairing to be satisfying – or refreshing in the heat of summer.

Tavel Royale

If you're not on the rosé bandwagon yet, don't let summer 2020 get away from you without trying this full, rich option on a hot day.

Domaine de Fazi

This Corsican rosé is as delectable before a meal as it is paired with one. Note its pale pink color and spiced aroma.

CDR Bernard

Breaking out the grill for a socially distanced backyard cookout? With a smooth, fruit-forward flavor, this Rhone wine pairs well with barbecue, pasta, pizza, and cold cuts.

CDR Rastellian Rouge

Affordable doesn't have to mean low-quality – one sip of this Rhone blend is proof positive.

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Gergenti Merlot

The aging of this red wine in French oak barrels gives it a strong ruby color and notes of vanilla. Full-bodied, soft, and round, it's excellent with savory foods, red meats, sausages, and cheeses (summer pizza party, anyone?).

Beaujolais Villages Vienot

Smooth, intense, complex, harmonious – and a Ted Farrell Twin Cities Live favorite.

How to Serve Summer Wines

With wine on a hot day, anything goes. The best thing about wine is that the only person you have to please is yourself! Here are a couple great ways to turn wine into a refreshing summer spritz.

  • Put ice in your wine. Just like tea!
  • Put cold water straight in it. Very popular in Europe! Dilute it to your own taste – it's not uncommon to mix half water and half wine to get it to the right temperature.
  • Chill it in ice-cold water. This gives the bottle a quicker, more uniform chill than keeping it on ice.

You can find all these great summer wines at Haskell's and on our online store. Shop now!

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