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The Haskell’s Wine People Cellar Tips

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When you hear the term “wine cellar,” you might think of a huge room specifically built for this purpose and filled with a nearly endless number of rare bottles that are thought of as investments.

Sure, that’s one type of wine cellar, but it’s certainly not the only kind. You can store 12 bottles of your favorite wine in an out-of-the-way area of your home or get more ambitious and aim for hundreds of bottles of different varieties in a specially-made room—it's completely up to you!

Keep reading to find out about wine cellar myths as well as tips for starting your own wine storage area.

Benefits of Having a Wine Cellar 

  • Convenience: Having bottles stored on-site means you’ll have wine ready when you want it. Whether you’d like to make an everyday dinner with your partner a little more special or you have a friend who’s earned a job promotion, you’ll be ready to celebrate life’s occasions, big and small.
  • Ability to age wine: Some wines taste better after aging, and a wine cellar will allow you to keep them for a longer period of time. Contrary to popular belief, aging isn’t necessarily a process that takes decades. For example, high-acidity white wines often develop more complex flavors after aging for five years, and champagne can taste smoother after aging for just one year. 
  • Savings: Buying a case of wine rather than a bottle or two at a time usually reduces your cost per bottle. So if you have a wine you love and have an appropriate place to store it, you’ll be prepared if you buy a case and will probably save some money while you’re at it.

What Not to Use

 Many common ideas for wine storage aren’t the best choices. A wine rack above your refrigerator, for example, is susceptible to the heat that rises up from the fridge. In fact, anywhere in the kitchen is usually not a good choice because it’s a room that can get hot and often has windows that let in lots of light and cause temperature fluctuations. A garage, attic, shed, or other similar locations that experience high temperatures are among the worst places to store wine.

You may also think a wine refrigerator is good for storing wine, but these are meant to hold wine at a suitable temperature before it’s served. They’re too cold to be ideal for longer-term storage. 

Characteristics of a Good Wine Cellar

You don’t necessarily need a huge amount of space or anything luxurious to have a wine cellar. It doesn’t have to be a big undertaking, since all you really need is a suitable space to store wine so you’ll have it on hand when you need it.

The following are some important considerations when setting up your wine cellar:

  • Cool temperature: Heat can cause too much oxidation in wine, resulting in a loss of flavor. That’s why an area of your home that stays at a fairly even, cool temperature can make a good location for a wine cellar. This might be a space under the stairs, for example, or even a closet near the center of your home or apartment. 
  • Darkness: Excessive light can cause wine to become what’s known as “light struck.” This can make it taste bland and like what some people describe as wet cardboard. The ideal wine cellar should be relatively dark, which makes areas like closets a good choice.

Contact Haskell’s for more information, and we’d be happy to help you select some great bottles to stock in your wine cellar.


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