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6 Memorable and Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for a Spirited Couple

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Choosing a memorable wedding gift can be stressful.

Of course, going off the couple's registry is an option (required by some couples, watch out for that), but sometimes you need to go the extra mile. Say it's a family member or a close friend tying the knot…you need to dig a little deeper than gifting them a mixing bowl or vacuum. That is why we came up with 6 memorable and unique wedding gifts you can give to ‘wow’ the newlyweds. 

1. Personalized Wine Labels 

Personalizing a label on the couple's favorite Wine is a creative and thoughtful way to commemorate their wedding day. You can customize the labels with the couple's names, initials, or even their wedding date and photos. There are various online platforms and websites that offer personalized labeling services, Haskell’s included.

We can help bring your ideas to life and work with you to create a delicious memento and keepsake for the couple.  Adding a personal touch to the gift shows that you put thought and effort into choosing something special. 

2. Customized Barware Set

A customized barware set is a practical and stylish gift for couples who enjoy hosting or simply like having pretty things. You can personalize items such as cocktail shakers, whiskey glasses, or wine openers with the couple's names or initials. A personalized barware set adds a touch of elegance to the couple's home and serves as an excellent keepsake to cherish for years to come. 

3. Wine or Beer Subscription

Subscriptions allow the couple to discover new and unique beverages without leaving the comfort of their home or spending a cent–which is very appealing to newlyweds considering how much energy and money went into planning their big event. Not only that, but a subscription gift keeps on giving, providing enjoyment to the couple long after the wedding day.

Depending on the subscription type, they might invite you over to help them drink it all. A great gift from them and you benefit, too! 

4. Unique Cocktail Kit or Drink Gift Basket

A unique cocktail kit or drink gift basket are creative gift options for couples who enjoy experimenting with mixology or like to try new things. There are various types of cocktail kits available, such as DIY infusion kits or molecular mixology kits. Haskell’s offers a wide range of unique cocktail kits with different themes and ingredients. We can even assist you in building a custom cocktail kit if you know the couple likes a particular drink. The same goes for gift baskets–you can pick from our curated list or ask a Haskell’s staff member to help you build a gift basket that will knock the socks off of the bride and groom (more to come on that later). 

5. A Tasting Experience

A tasting experience is a memorable and educational gift for couples who are game to broaden their horizons. This super fun gift gives the couple an event–or a date, depending on how you pitch it–to look forward to post-wedding. Do a little research in selecting a tasting experience you think the couple would enjoy. It could be wine, beer, whiskey–the list goes on and on.

For couples who are partial to wine and beer, consider getting them tickets to a Haskell’s Booze Cruise. Gift them the treat of indulgence where they will have 4 hours to taste a variety of beer and wines as they float down the St. Croix River in Stillwater, Minnesota

6. 1st, 5th, and 10th Anniversary Wine Bottles 

Last, but certainly not least–actually, this is our favorite and most recommended idea–is to create a personalized anniversary wine basket for the couple. Select 3 wines intended to be opened on the couple's 1st, 5th, and 10th wedding anniversary. You can do this on your own or by enlisting the help of a knowledgeable Haskell’s associate at a store near you. The couple will surely be touched by thoughtfulness, not to mention the gift functions as an excellent cellar starter, too! 

For the first wine, grab something that sparkles. Bubbly wines are not typically aged for long periods of time, making them great candidates for the first-anniversary choice. This is a fitting wine as completing the first year of marriage certainly calls for popping some bubbly! Just like the couple's marriage, this wine will be young, bubbly, and effervescent.

For the second wine, we recommend some sort of vintage Bordeaux that ages well. The wine, just like the marriage, will have had 5 years to mature and develop into something beautiful.

Select a fortified wine for the final bottle. Opening it will mark 10 years of wedded bliss. Perfect for the couple to recall the past 10 years spent together. Extra bonus points if you find three wines that are the vintage of the newlywed's wedding year!

These gifts add a personal touch, create lasting memories, and enhance the couple's enjoyment of their favorite drinks. Consider the couple's preferences and interests when selecting a gift, and don't forget to add a heartfelt message or card to make it even more special. With these wedding gift ideas, you are sure to impress the couple and make their special day even more memorable!

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