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10 Wine Gifts to Give to the Wine Lovers in Your Life

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There are times when finding the right gift for someone can be a struggle — especially if you want to do something special or make it personal. Luckily, if the person you have in mind appreciates wine, it’s a little easier, because we have 10 great wine gifts to give to the wine lovers in your life.

The thing about wine enthusiasts is that they love wine and they love all the things that go with wine. It makes giving them gifts pretty easy, even if you aren’t really sure about the type of wine they love. Some folks are strictly whites. Some are strictly reds. And, others, well they tend to go with the flow, so to speak. It’s about personal taste and preference and there is no right or wrong when it comes to what a person enjoys. 

But there ways to pick a winner of a gift. Think outside the box when you want to put something special in a box. If you are looking for cool, unique, or even on-trend gifts, we have some ideas they’ll actually love and use – and will work with your budget.

Let’s look at ten wine gifts for the wine aficionado in your life from $10 to $200. 

  • 12 Bottle Cellar Starter Basket
    This is the ultimate gift, with a dozen wonderful wines handpicked by Haskell’s President and CEO, Jack Farrell! A memorable gift for $179.99.
  • Minnesota Wine Gift Basket
    A bottle of red, a bottle of white, two wine glasses, a corkscrew and you have a perfect gift wrapped up. Not sure what Minnesota wines are available? No worries. Here you go!
  • Gourmet Food Cheese Basket
    What do you automatically think of pairing with wine? Cheese! And, we can put together an amazing array of imported and specialty cheese along with pate of other perfect wine accompaniments.

  • Varietal Specific Wine Glasses
    When it comes to the highly crafted stemware, Riedel is the name that most commonly pops up and for good reason. This Austrian company’s history is steeped with tradition and has been glassmaking for more than 250 years.
  • Super Cool Wine Tote
    These wine totes by Built NY are well designed, stylish, make a statement and a great way to bring a bottle or two of wine along. Order one for them, one for you. 
  • The World Atlas of Wine
    There’s a reason this authoritative book on wine is in its 7th edition. It’s just what the oenophile in your life needs. Beautiful, extensive and a classic. 
  • Le Creuset Foil Cutter
    For about $12, you’ll make someone very happy with this highly prized foil cutter. The reviews are in – it’s a winner. 
  • Wine Record and Label Book
    Help them remember their favorite wines with a keepsake they get to keep. This attractive hardbound book will hold 87 wine labels along with their accompanying tasting notes. 

  • Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew
    You’ll never have too many corkscrews, especially when you need one. Pros know that a waiter’s corkscrew works wonders, is inexpensive and great to keep handy. Here’s just one of many ideas for a great gift. Less than $10, too.
  • Gift Certificate Wrapped in a Wine Box
    Make it fun. Add a Haskell’s gift card inside a wine crate or box and then go shopping online, and his or her favorite bottle will be delivered within the hour for you to share! Plus you can make the denomination fit your budget.


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Founded in 1934, Haskell’s has championed fine wines for over 80 years. We have several wine stores in Minnesota and known for legendary service and one of the finest collections of wine, beer and spirits. Led by Chairman and CEO Jack Farrell, and the Farrell family, Haskell’s continues to be at the forefront of the wine scene throughout the world. Haskell’s also can ship wine, beer & spirits all throughout the world, the U.S. and we deliver locally.


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