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Wine Drinking 101: Types of Wine Glasses [VIDEO]

Posted by Beau Farrell on Jun 21, 2018 4:16:45 PM

Wine glasses come in all different shapes and sizes designed to bring out the best characteristics and flavors of a particular type of wine. From champagne flutes to all-purpose wine glasses, the options are endless. But chances are you may not have the space in your home to accommodate all of the options available. So which are the best glasses to have at home?


All-Purpose Wine Glasses

If you have one type of wine glass in your home, make it an all-purpose glass – it can be your glass for every day. When it comes to all-purpose glasses, you are mainly looking for a large bowl that is around 12 oz. The reasoning for this is it will help you enjoy the aroma and bouquet of the wine. This is very important when tasting wines.

Better Wine… Better Glasses

If you are having a better wine, it makes sense to use a better glass. For instance, if you are having a fancy dinner party with a nice burgundy or bordeaux, let the wine be your guideline: the better the wine, the better the glass.

Champagne Bubbles Need A Flute

A burgundy for a burgundy, a bordeaux for a bordeaux, and a flute for a champagne is a must. They spend a lot of money to get the bubbles in a bottle of champagne and if you use another glass, the bubbles will dissipate immediately.

Initially, you’ll want to make sure to have flutes for champagne, some all-purpose glasses for everything else and you’re all set. As always, make sure you have wonderful wines available. Cheers!

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