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What's the Big Deal with Wine Aging and Should I Do It? [VIDEO]

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Are you interested in aging wine? That makes you less than one-percent of the wine-buying public since more than 99-percent of wine is drank the year it is made. In this edition of Quick Pours, Haskell's Chairman and CEO Jack Farrell will give you some pointers on the proper way to age wine.


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The Enemies of Wine Aging

It is very important to remember that wine has two enemies: light and heat. So, you don't want to put a wine rack on top of your refrigerator in the kitchen. And if you have one, take it down. Put it in a dark spot in the house. Put it under the stairwell in the basement. That's a good place for wine, if you're going to age it.

Age-Worthy Wine

When we're talking about aging wine, we're talking about only a small percent. There are only a few wines in the world that are age-worthy. We recommend you talk to a good wine merchant about which wines you can age. Then, put them in your cellar in a cold, dark room, and the wine will love you and reward you when it's mature.

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