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Best High End Wine Options to Splurge On [VIDEO]

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high end wineAre you looking for a high end wine option that you can really splurge on? Do you have a great celebration coming up? You could choose one of the great wines of Bordeaux, some California wines, or maybe Oregon, Italy, or Spain — they all make world-class wines that are worth splurging on. But Haskell's Chairman and CEO Jack Farrell shares his personal favorites — and the story behind its name — in this edition of Quick Pours.

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Jack's Pick

Jack's personal favorite splurge is on this Beaune from Burgundy. It's called Vigne de L'Enfant Jesus, or "wine of the infant Jesus."  

How did they come up with the name? 

Many years ago, the vintner was asked, "why is your wine so good?" And he said, "it tastes like Baby Jesus in velvet pants."

We don't know what that means, but we know that when Jack singles out one type of wine for your big splurge, it's worth tasting.

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