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What's the Deal with THC Seltzers?

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Every day you'll find more and more products using compounds derived from cannabis, and now you can even drink refreshing seltzers that are infused with THC. Many people are embracing them as a new way to de-stress and relax. So what’s the deal with these seltzers, and how do they differ from the seltzers that you’re accustomed to drinking?

Check out the answers to common FAQs so you’ll know what’s up with THC seltzers:

What is a THC Seltzer?

A THC seltzer doesn’t contain alcohol like a hard seltzer does, but instead has small amounts of two compounds–THC and CBD–that are found in cannabis. THC is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana. CBD isn’t psychoactive, but many people believe it helps with issues such as anxiety and chronic pain. 

How Much THC is in These Seltzers?

THC seltzers usually range from a low of 2 mg of THC to a high (no pun intended!) of 10 mg or above. This is frequently paired with the same amount of CBD.

How are THC Seltzers Made?

THC seltzers are made by adding liquid carbon dioxide to raw cannabis materials. When extreme pressure and heat are applied, the CO2 is released as a gas, leaving the concentrated cannabis extract. The extract is then broken down into nanoparticles that are blended with the liquid base for the seltzer.

They can also be made by covering cannabis oil molecules with a water-friendly coating. The oil drops can then evenly mix with water.

What are Some Potential Benefits of Drinking THC Seltzers?

THC seltzers can allow you to de-stress without having to inhale smoke into your lungs, and drinking a seltzer is often more socially acceptable and more convenient than smoking.

THC seltzers are also a good way to experience a mild buzz and relax and de-stress without alcohol so you can avoid a potential hangover the next day. The sensation you’ll feel from these drinks will likely be less intense than how you feel after smoking. They also take action faster than regular edibles.

They are also a great choice for people who want a super low calorie option to catch a slight buzz. Most alcoholic seltzers are only around 100 calories, most of which is because of the alcohol. Cannabis, on the other hand, only contains about 2-3 calories per gram–a miniscule amount when you’re maxing out at about 10 mg per drink. While they should not be considered a “health drink” by any means, the only source of calories you’ll find in a THC seltzer comes from added flavoring, but most have natural flavors and little to no added sugar anyway.

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THC seltzers can also be a great place to start for people who are cannabis-curious but hesitant to dabble for whatever reason. They don’t taste like the well-known “skunky” smell of marijuana at all and are a popular choice among people who like the taste of seltzers and the effects of THC. You’ll often see them come in similar flavors to any hard seltzer and can expect a similar taste. And since the drinks contain precise and consistent amounts of THC and CBD, you can determine the dosage that works best for you. Just like with alcohol, your tolerance level and reaction to it may not be the same as another person’s.

What Should You Know Before Enjoying THC Seltzers?

You should follow the advice “low and slow” when it comes to THC seltzers. That means you should start with a low concentration of THC in your seltzer and drink it slowly until you know how you’ll react to it. Depending on the levels of THC, you might start to feel some effects within about 15 minutes before the full effects peak in 45 minutes to an hour. If you’re pleased with what you feel after drinking seltzer with a low concentration of THC, you could try ones with higher levels while still taking the same precautions.

Interested in learning more about THC seltzers or want to try some? Stop by Haskell’s, where you’ll find THC seltzers including selections from Minneapolis Cider Co.’s Trail Magic line. We’re also working on THC gift baskets! Please note some stores do not sell any THC products based on local municipal laws.


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