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Wine for Beginners: How to Find Your Favorite Wines [VIDEO]

Posted by Jack Farrell on Oct 20, 2016 8:47:48 AM

We admit it. Getting started with wine can be a bit intimidating for beginners. All those countries, all those varieties, and all those price points. So, how do you even start down the path of finding your favorite wines? Haskell's Chairman and CEO Jack Farrell has some easy tips for understanding wine for beginners in this edition of Quick Pours.

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If you're just starting to enjoy wine, first get yourself a passport: a corkscrew. There's no better education than pulling the cork and trying wine. And if you're a beginner, our first suggestion is to taste everything you can. That's how you educate your palate - and yourself.

By The Book

You can keep little notes, and if you think the wine tastes like galoshes that have been sitting on a radiator for a week, write that down, because nobody's going to read that book but you – and it'll be the greatest primer you ever had on wine. You'll learn everything, because it'll be adapted to your personal taste. 

Learn the World

When you learn about wine you have to learn a little bit about geography. You already know about Maine lobsters and Idaho potatoes, and wine is the same. There's Bordeaux from France, Rioja from Spain, and a world full of Cabernets. That's why the best way to start a wine adventure really is with your wine passport. So get yourself a good corkscrew and open and pull those corks!

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