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How to Properly Store Wine at Home [VIDEO]

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Have you ever wondered how to properly store wine at home? Is there a trick? In this edition of Quick Pours, Ted Farrell walks you through the proper way to store wine and what to avoid.

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Don't Do This

All too often you see people stacking their wine bottles in the kitchen on a cute little wine rack, which means they often end up on top of a refrigerator, or next to the stove. Though they may look cute there, those are some of the worst places to store wine, simply because it gets too hot. Minnesotans are lucky, we have nice cool basements, and that's a perfect place for wine storage

How to Store Wine 

Believe it or not, how you position the wine bottle when storing it also makes a difference. It's best to have the bottle tilted on its side so that the wine in the bottle touches the cork, allowing the aging process to continue. This will allow your wines to last longer for enjoyment down the road.

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