Top Five Things that All Wine Lovers Want for the Holidays

Posted by Beau Farrell on Nov 24, 2015 10:59:21 AM


There is one thing that all wine lovers absolutely have in common — wine. Now, what type of wine they love is a whole other question. Tastes can vary, but the kind of person who is attracted to wine is also attracted to certain kinds of gifts. And since we’re wine lovers, we can easily help with some ideas as the holidays approach and you start narrowing your naughty and nice list. Try these five things that all wine lovers want for the holidays. 

  • A special bottle with background on the winery

    If you know the intended well enough to know he or she enjoys a particular type of wine, for instance, Cabernets from California, or Italian whites, let’s do it. Ask any of our wine specialists to hand pick out the best wine for your budget. Then, do some research on the winery and print it out to make your gift extra special. It’s not how much you spend but what you buy and in the presentation.
  • Wine Tastings

    Make this an experiential gift. Minnesota has some wonderful wineries within driving distance. Make a date to tour a winery. Stop by any of our Haskell’s locations to choose a bottle of Minnesota wine, and then print out information and an invitation for a fun, thoughtful gift.

  • World Atlas of Wine

    Some call this a bible of the wine industry. We say it is a thing of beauty. This highly lauded book is a classic that will help quench anyone’s thirst for knowledge of the wine world.
  • Haskell’s Gift Card

    You’ll never go wrong with a gift card — particularly when it’s good for wine. Talk about easy. You pick the denomination. They pick their favorite wine. Everyone wins. Or give them a few choices by buying one of our gift baskets.
  • Stemware

    Some say the biggest investment you can make with your wine is the right stemware. Taste the difference glassware can make in your wine tasting experience. Show how much your care by picking up the right glasses for the right wine. 

And, want a bottle of wine delivered to your special someone? We’ve got you covered there too. Check out quick delivery with the Drizly app.

Case of Wine Giveaway

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