Our Expert Picks for Your Thanksgiving Wine

Posted by Beau Farrell on Nov 3, 2015 4:39:02 PM


Now that the Halloween candy bowl is empty (right?), it’s time to think about the next big holiday. And that means Thursday, November 26 — Thanksgiving. Get ahead of the game by putting together your shopping list now for the big day and that includes picking the perfect wines to match your holiday feast. And who else are you going to rely on for expert picks for your Thanksgiving wine?

If traditional turkey is the main event, we have a few ideas to bring to the table. Whether you are hosting or a guest, it’s great to have a few bottles to share with your loved ones. While many think turkey automatically means it needs to pair with a white wine, there are some alternatives to consider. We’ve picked a variety of red and white wines that will compliment the big bird without overpowering your holiday meal. There are no rules, however it’s best to avoid big, tannic wines that will overpower the food. Keep it light and refreshing.

Three Types of White Wines to Consider for Thanksgiving

Sparkling wine or Champagne Sparkling wine is always a great wine to celebrate with. It’s a great place to start with because it welcomes people into your home. It also pairs well with most appetizers because it balances well with salty foods. Plus, sparkling wine is a celebration in each bottle and what host doesn’t enjoy popping the cork off a bottle of effervescent delight.

Beau’s Pick: Louis Bouillot 'Perle De Vigne' Grand Reserve Brut - $15.99

Vouvray – One of the best wines to pair with Turkey comes from the Loire Valley in France and is called Vouvray. Most bottles are under $20. The wine is made with Chenin Blanc grapes. They produce a slightly sweeter wine with a nice touch of acidity. If you have never tried Vouvray with your Turkey, 2015 is the perfect time to try something new.

Beau’s Pick: 'Cuvee Catherine' Vouvray - $11.99 

Rieslings or Gewurztraminer (ga-VERTZ-trah-mee-ner) – sweet or dry – these wines can cover the spectrum from bone dry to super sweet. They do pair beautifully with a traditional turkey dinner, rich with herbs, garlic, and onion. They complement turkey and all the trimmings very nicely.

Beau’s Picks: Carl Sittmann Late Harvest Riesling Spatlese - $8.98

Three Types of Red Wine to Consider for Thanksgiving 

Pinot Noir - It’s our favorite type of red wine to go with Thanksgiving. Generally light to medium bodied, these elegant wines have gentle tannins and go well with the traditional side dishes, including those green bean casseroles. Go with a Burgundy from France for value. Or try a Pinot Noir from Oregon or California for an extra special American holiday feast.

Beau’s Picks: 2007 Henri de Villamont 'Les Burlieres' Hautes Cotes de Beaune - $12.99 (Burgundy)

Beau’s Picks: De Loach 'Cote De Loach' Pinot Noir - $9.99 (California)

Beau’s Picks: Pali 'Alphabets' Pinot Noir - $21.99 (Oregon) 

Beaujolais – Everyone enjoys fresh & lively Beaujolais at the dinner table. These refreshing fruit forward wines are crowd pleasers. The 2015 Nouveau Beaujolais will release worldwide on Thursday, November 19th, 2015. Just in time for the Thanksgiving feast. Tradition states if you drink a bottle of Nouveau Beaujolais in the year it is made, you will good luck all the following year. Haskell’s will be offering 3 producers of Beaujolais Nouveau this year, all at $8.99. But these will only be available in store.

  • 2015 Beaujolais Nouveau Bouchard
  • 2015 Beaujolais Nouveau Mommessin
  • 2015 Beaujolais Nouveau Duboeuf

Zinfandel – We often think autumn with this rich wine style. It’s a great wine for Thanksgiving, especially if the turkey tends to run dry. Lower tannins, hints of cinnamon and vanilla, what’s not to love?

Beau’s Pick: The Terraces Zinfandel - $29.99 

And what about something to go with that generous slice of pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream? Consider a Moscato d’Asti or ice wine. Both will compliment your pie well. Should you desire a very rich treat, look no further than our selection of Port. You’ll be full, happy and ready for that nap.

Beau’s Pick: Villa Baglio Moscato d'Asti - $10.99

Beau’s Picks: Graham's 20-Yr Tawny Port - $61.99

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