Made in Minnesota: Seven of the Best Minnesota IPAs

Posted by Beau Farrell on Apr 19, 2016 3:05:23 PM


The popularity of the bitter, hoppy IPA is a trend that keeps steadily moving forward. IPAs are always popular in Minnesota because we have so many local breweries producing outstanding India Pale Ales. We thought we’d share a six-pack-plus-one of our hoppy favorites. It’s like picking your favorite child – we have a special affection for all Minnesota breweries but for the sake of making a list, we’re taking a stand. Here in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, we’ve come up with seven of the best Minnesota IPAs.

But before we offer our take on the preeminent Minnesota-made IPAs, you can thank the British Empire for making IPA the first global brew. The story about how it got here includes an equal mix of facts and opinions, but it’s certainly interesting. 

Seven Great IPAs from MN 

Bent Hop - Golden IPA

New Call-to-actionBent Paddle Brewing Co.

American IPA / 6.20% ABV

Surly Brewing Company

American IPA / 6.60% ABV

Let It Ride

Indeed Brewing Company

American IPA / 6.80% ABV

Size 7

Steel Toe Brewing

American IPA / 7.00% ABV

Summit Sága IPA

Summit Brewing Company

American IPA / 6.40% ABV

Sweet Child of Vine


IPA / 6.40% ABV

Troll Way IPA

Insight Brewery

Citrus IPA / 7.00% ABV

How may of these IPA’s have you tried? Did we miss any of your local favorites? We’d love to hear from you. And, as always, we have all these beers and more ready for pick-up or delivery right to your door.

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