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Made in Minnesota: Indeed Brewing Company

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The craft beer scene is on trend here and around the nation. Americans have had a long love affair with this hoppy heady beverage and we are proud so much great beer is made right here in Minnesota.

Nestled in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis sits a bustling brewery worth writing about, indeed. Plus, these brew masters make some mighty fine beers worth trying and buying. We’re talking about Indeed Brewing Company.

Indeed Brewing has shared some exciting news. They are taking their beer on the road with distribution expanded to North Dakota. For a brewery that opened in 2012, it is indeed making its mark. Beginning November 2, distribution expands to western Minnesota.

So, what’s the buzz? It’s the beer itself.


  • Rum King, an Imperial Stout, has a rich fan base and the press loves it, too. Pick up your own bottle of this specialty beer while you can! ((Only available October run))

Available Year-Round

You can head to the taproom for tours and tastings and we can help you get your favorite Indeed delivered right to your door (yes, all dozen of our stores can help you as well). Our beer coolers are stocked with made in Minnesota beers and yes, indeed, you’ll find Indeed Brewing Company beers.

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