How to Pronounce Sauvignon and Other Wine Questions

Posted by Beau Farrell on Dec 1, 2015 3:16:04 PM


Have you ever not ordered a glass of wine or bought a bottle, simply because you weren’t sure how to properly pronounce the name? It’s not uncommon to read names such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Viognier or Vouvray over and over yet not have the confidence to say them out loud. Don’t miss out on some great wines or conversations. We’ll tell you how to pronounce Sauvignon and so much more.

And, you’ll feel better knowing that many people struggle with some of the pronunciations, especially of the French, Italian, and Spanish wines, so you are certainly not alone. 

Let’s tackle 13 of these wine pronunciations head on. Here’s your cheat sheet – a baker’s dozen of commonly mispronounced wine names or varieties.

Barbara: Bar-BEAR-ah


Cabernet SauvignonCab-er-nay Saw-vee-nyon


Châteauneuf-du-PapShah-toe-nuf dew pahp

Cotes du RhoneCoat do Rone


Nebbiolo: Neh Be-OH-Low

Pinot GrigioPee-noh GREE-joe





What wine name stumps you? Let us know. Our wine exerts love to help.Want to hear the wine names and terms pronounced? There are a number of sites that have audio files. has one that does a good job.

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