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Five O'Clock Somewhere: 3 Must-Try Extra Anejo Cocktails

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Whoever decided Happy Hour could only start after 5:00pm was foolish. We like to think that Happy Hour begins whenever you decide it’s time to end your workday and kick back with a beverage in hand.  Reflecting on the wise words of Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere.” We’ve gathered that somewhere means anywhere! It’s 12pm and you’re ready to throw in the towel? Hey, it’s Five O’Clock somewhere! 

Now we don’t promote drinking on the job (unless of course this is allowed at your company, in which case cheers to you), but when happy hour eventually rolls around, we have a few e Extra Anejo cocktail recipes you might want to try. If the thought of tequila sends chills down your spine, it is likely that the relationship you had with it in the past was not refined. Forget the post-college salt, lime, shot trick. We’re all adults now, so let’s move up to the smooth, aged, fine tequila worthy of sipping on.

Tequila 101

If you plan on hosting/going to a tequila-centered happy hour, there are a few tequila classifications and brands you’ll want to be well versed in. In no particular order, there is: 

  • Joven or Gold
    A mixture of Blanco and Reposado or a mixto.
  • Blanco
    Sometimes called silver or white, this is a tequila that’s been aged for less than two months.
  • Reposado
    It means “rested” in Spanish and is aged up to 1 year. 
  • Añejo and Extra Añejo
    Heavily aged ranging from 1 to three years. This tequila is perfect for sipping at room temperature. Like a nice single-malt Scotch, enjoy straight up.

You can read up on the true history of tequila if you’re itching to learn more. Otherwise,  here are 3 must-try Extra Añejo Cocktail recipes, including a remix of a classic, followed by a couple refreshing knockouts.


Añejo Manhattan

Enjoy this classic cocktail with your new favorite tequila. 


  • Ice
  • 2 ounces Añejo tequila
  • 1/2 ounce sweet vermouth
  • 1/4 ounce Licor 43 (A citrus-and-vanilla-flavored Spanish liqueur)
  • Dash of Angostura bitters
  • Dash of orange bitters
  • 1 fresh or maraschino cherry

Fill two-thirds of a pint glass with ice. Add all of the remaining ingredients except the cherry. Stir briskly for 30 seconds to chill. Strain into a chilled martini glass; garnish with the cherry.


Thai Basil Grapefruit Cocktail


  • 4-5 Thai basil leaves
  • 1/2 fresh squeezed lime
  • 1 1/2 ounces Añejo tequila
  • 1/2 ounce Green Chartreuse
  • San Pellegrino Pompelmo (grapefruit) 

In a cocktail shaker, muddle Thai basil leaves and fresh squeezed lime.

Add tequila and Green Chartreuse with ice and shake. Fill a rocks glass with ice and strain ingredients from the cocktail shaker into the rocks glass.

Top with San Pellegrino Grapefruit and garnish with lime wheel and sprig of Thai basil.


Añejo Mash


  • 1½ oz. Añejo tequila
  • ½ oz. Grand Marnier
  • ¾ oz. agave syrup
  • 6-8 fresh mint leaves
  • 4 lemon wedges
  • Garnish: fresh mint sprig

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake, strain into a rocks glass packed with crushed ice, and garnish.

At Haskell’s, we have more than 130 tequilas in stock. We are armed and ready for your next Happy Hour– wherever you plan on having it. Check out our selection at any of our Haskell’s locations, or buy them online and schedule in-store pick up or at home drop off anytime. When the work’n day gets hard, remember, it’s Five O’Clock somewhere! Cheers, friends. 

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Five O'Clock Somewhere: 3 Must-Try Extra Anejo Cocktails

Whoever decided Happy Hour could only start after 5:00pm was foolish. We like to think that Happy Hour begins...

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