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Everyday Sparkling Wines

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Sparkling wines are often associated with toasting a special occasion, but they’re also becoming a popular wine for making every day special. They’re generally quite affordable and pair well with a wide variety of foods, so they’re easy to incorporate into everyday meals and snacks. And their bubbles give any meal or activity a dose of celebratory fun. From the moment they’re sparkling and fizzing in the glass to when you take a sip and feel them tickle your tongue, bubbles make any day more special. Plus, it is a great idea to have a chilled bottle on hand for any special or surprise celebration.

Treat Yourself to These Everyday Sparkling Wines

For even more recommendations and facts about our beloved bubbly, check out our Guide to Champagne & Sparkling Wine.

Louis Bouillot Brut

If you’re looking for a crisp, full-bodied sparkling wine that’s bright and has nice bread notes, Bouillot Brut fits the bill. By far one of our most popular sparkling wines that isnt Champagne.  But, it is VERY close.  The wine is made in the traditional method in Burgundy, not Champagne.  That is why the cost is so much less than Champagne. Louis Bouillot was founded in 1877 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, a little village nestled the heart of the Côte d’Orby Jean Bouillot. Jean, a wine and spirits merchant, was one of the few in his day to specialize in Crémant de Bourgogne. Louis Bouillot is still located in Nuits-Saint-Georges. With over 130 years of savoir-faire helping to guide us, we continue to specialize in Crémant de Bourgogne and have acquired international fame as Crémant de Bourgogne experts.

Bacio Della Luna Extra Dry Prosecco

This sparkling wine is delicate, straw-colored wine with lime-green reflections, very intense bubbles and an elegant and fresh fruit bouquet. On the palate, the mouth is filled with a rich fruity flavor and refined minerality. Serve it chilled, it offers a slight hint of peach, citrus and apricot is a drink that brilliantly refreshes on hot days. It is a great attribute to have when meeting with friends.

49M Cremant de Loire

Cremant de Loire 49M Brut is a blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, and 2-3% Cabernet Franc.

Beneath the limestone-laden vineyards of the Loire Valley in France there are caves are stippled throughout the countryside — wine caves, yes, but with a history longer than you might expect.

In Saumur, an appellation of the Loire Valley, many of these present-day wine caves were formerly home to troglodytes à Saumur, a bygone cave-dwelling civilization with evidence dating back as far as the Merovingian period, or 5th century.

Nearly 1,000 miles of caves have been discovered in the area, chronicling a world where farmers, fishers, mushroom foragers — and yes, winemakers, lived and worked alongside one another for centuries.

Many caves in Saumur are still in use as vintner cooperatives, for fungiculture, and are also open to the public as cave touristique.

Gruet Brut

If you’re looking for a crisp, full-bodied sparkling wine that’s bright and citrusy, Gruet Brut fits the bill. This popular California/New Mexico sparkling wine combines a toasty finish with sophisticated apple, pear, and citrus flavors and ultrafine bubbles that can turn any day into a celebration. It’s been described by Wine Spectator as being “focused and richly styled, with spicy tropical fruit aromas and appealing baked apple, cinnamon, and herb notes.”

Gruet Brut also has a creamy texture that makes it a pleasure to drink. An excellent value, it has earned a #1 ranking among sparkling wines on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Values list. It pairs well with a wide variety of foods, including seafood dishes such as salmon and shrimp, mild cheeses, and smoked meats.



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