What is Sangria and What Ingredients Should I Use? [VIDEO]

Posted by Beau Farrell on Jul 7, 2016 3:38:51 PM

What is Sangria? And more importantly, what makes a great Sangria?

Sangria is a nice wine-based punch, common in Spain and Portugal, using fruit and other ingredients. And this is the rare case where a cheap wine will be just fine, as Haskell's President Ted Farrell explains in this edition of Quick Pours:

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What wine?

Your first decision is whether to make a white wine or a red wine Sangria. Always use an inexpensive wine, because you're adding so many other ingredients that it makes no sense to waste a really expensive wine.

Other ingredients?

Then after that, you can add leftover cordials like Grand Marnier, or even some brandy. You could also put in a citrus soda like Sprite, 7Up or Sierra Mist, if you want your Sangria on the sweeter side. But if you wan it on the drier side, use a sparkling water like San Pellegrino or Perrier. 

What else?

Next, you add fruit. Generally, you want to pick fruits that are in season, but that's really up to you — choose the fruits that will give the Sangria your favorite flavors.

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