Our Top 10 Favorite Wine and Cheese Pairings

Posted by Beau Farrell on May 9, 2017 7:23:13 PM

wine and cheeseWhy do wine and cheese make such a heavenly pair? Science. One study looked at "mouthfeel," and another recent scientific study examined how cheese influenced perception of wine. We also know that they just taste great, especially when you have the right pairing. So, what cheese goes with what wine, or perhaps what wine goes with the cheese? You need to start somewhere, so we'll start with OUR list.

Here's a list of our favorite wine and cheese pairings. You know we have the wine, but have you yet shopped at the Big Cheese delis in St. Paul and Minneapolis? Check out the pairing ideas and then make your own list.

Our Top 10 17 Favorite Wine and Cheese Pairings.

Port: Stilton

Sauternes: Roquefort

Syrah: Herbed goat cheese

Zinfandel: Aged cheddar

Champagne: Parmigiano-Reggiano

Cabernet: Jarlsberg

Oregon Pinot Noir: Epoise

Wait! There's more.

We asked the BIG Cheese, Jan Aspholm our cheese monger from the Big Cheese, for her favorites. Here they are:

Champagne or Sparkling Wine: Mascarpone, Brie or Gruyere

Sauvignon Blanc: French Goat, all varieties, Swiss Gruyere, Italian Fontina

Pinot Grigio: Fresh Mozzarella, Humboldt Fog (goat cheese with ash center)

Chardonnay: Brie, Oaky - Farmhouse Cheddar, Morbier

Pinot Noir: Fresh Goat, Comte, Gruyere, Explorateur

Merlot: Washed Rind Cheese, Basque Sheep Milk Cheeses

Chianti and Sangiovese: Aged Pecorino, Aged Asiago, Stravecchio

Young Cabernet: Beemster, Cambazzola, Dry JackOlder Cabernet: Basque, Sheep Milk Cheese, Triple Creams (Explorateur, Pierre Robert, Delice ) or Manchego

Shiraz: Brin d' Amour, lended milk Camembert, Soft Domestic Blues

Big Rustic Reds: Cabrales, French Roquefort or Humboldt Fog

Do you see a theme? There are no "rules" to pairing wine and cheese, however; there are few guidelines that will help.

Soft and fresh cheeses go well with crisp white, dry rose wines and sparkling wines.

Creamy, buttery cheeses go well with rich white wines, or low tannin fruity red wines.

Hard cheeses do well with full-bodied whites and tannic red wines.

Tip: When in doubt, bring out the bubbles. Champagne goes with nearly everything. And, our best tip yet: Stop by and let us help you create the perfect wine and cheese pairing for your next get-together.


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