Brush Up on Wine and Food Pairings Before You Host the Holidays

Posted by Beau Farrell on Nov 22, 2017 7:12:53 PM

The holiday season is in full-swing! Whether the dinner table will be set with traditional favorites or a few new dishes, we have just the right wine choices to help bring your festive meals to life. 

Like holiday gifts, the options are bountiful. Go with the crowd pleasers, and consider having at least one red and one white available so everyone can enjoy a glass of wine with their holiday dinner. For instance, if you are having turkey, consider choosing a Riesling and Pinot Noir, or any other combination.

If you're unsure of which ones to pick up, you're in luck. Jack just released his 2017 favorite wines in this year's Haskell's Hundred list. You can't go wrong with any of these, and they're all retailed under $100!

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Turkey Traditions: How to Find Your Go-To Thanksgiving Wine

Posted by Beau Farrell on Nov 16, 2017 1:33:44 PM

The holiday season is upon us, and first up is our favorite feast, Thanksgiving. Part of being a gracious guest is always bringing a host or hostess a gift. Show appreciation to those who prepared the meal and invited you into their home with a bottle of wine that is food friendly, and ready to drink. So, how do you find the right Thanksgiving wine?

Consider that a traditional Thanksgiving will likely have a roasted turkey which can go with just about any wine. It's the side dishes that are the wild card. Gravy, mashed potatoes, wild rice stuffing, cranberries. It's truly a feast, so you'll need to keep your wine versatile like the food on the table.

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Vino and Venison: Wine Pairings For Your Hunter's Game

Posted by Beau Farrell on Nov 2, 2017 4:58:02 PM

Minnesota's first official deer season dates back to 1858, the year we first became a state. And here we are getting ready for Deer Hunting Season 2017. Assuming your family member or friend doesn't come home empty-handed, you're going to need a little vino to pair with the venison you'll soon be enjoying.

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Be the Perfect Host With Our Party Drink Calculator

Posted by Beau Farrell on Feb 2, 2017 3:02:04 PM

Are you planning a party for the "big game" on February 5th? You know, the one with the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots? Trying to figure out how much beer, wine, and spirits to buy for your guests doesn't have to be a wild guess. A little math can go a long way — just use our party drink calculator to estimate your drink-to-guest ratio.

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Wine Lovers: Pick the Best Chardonnay for Any Gathering

Posted by Beau Farrell on Nov 1, 2016 12:57:32 PM

Golden leaves and cooler temperatures may tempt us to forego the whites and concentrate on the heavier wines and beers. However, a good chardonnay never goes out of style. You have to put away your white shoes and belts for the fall, but your white wine is just fine. And with so many celebrations coming up, we've put together a list that will help wine lovers pick the best chardonnay for any gathering. Cheers!

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Five Grapefruit Vodkas You Should Try Right Now

Posted by Beau Farrell on Oct 25, 2016 10:38:50 AM

Grapefruit — the softball-sized cousin of an orange that doesn't get nearly as much attention — is loaded with juicy, tart, tangy citrus flavor that borders from sour to semi-sweet. And that, dear friends, is why grapefruit is such a good flavor for premium vodka. Flavored vodkas have become immensely popular, and it helps to know which ones to watch out for. We have a full line of flavored vodkas available at all our locations — plus available with ease online— but these are five grapefruit vodkas you should try right now.

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Get in the Spirit: 3 Halloween Drinks for Your Costume Party

Posted by Beau Farrell on Oct 18, 2016 10:36:04 AM

Halloween is a great excuse to bring out the kid in all of us. We dress up and indulge in some silly behavior, but we also have some ideas to help remind you that you don't have to be a kid to have fun. We've culled some very adult cocktail recipes for your upcoming Halloween party that will absolutely get you and your guests into the spirit. The names of these are so good, you may consider creating recipes cards at the party. A little mood lighting, dry ice, good music, good food, and these killer cocktails will be a hit. Here are three great Halloween drinks for your costume party that will have all of your guests coming back for more.

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America's Spirit: A Few Facts for the Bourbon Enthusiast [VIDEO]

Posted by Beau Farrell on Oct 11, 2016 11:42:37 AM

Wine and spirits are truly international. We love French wine, Scottish whiskey, Russian vodka, and German beer — but bourbon is truly American. If fact, there are laws to prove it. No wonder bourbon has become popular. In this edition of Quick Pours, Haskell's President Ted Farrell shares a few of the most interesting facts for the bourbon enthusiast.

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10 Can't Miss 90+ Point Wines from Our Fall Wine Sale

Posted by Beau Farrell on Oct 6, 2016 9:04:09 AM

It's time for our spectacular Fall Wine Sale and we are excited to bring you a plethora of fantastic offerings including plenty of 90+ point wine picks. Not sure where to begin? That's okay. We've put a quick list together for you right here. Of course, you can order these great 90+ point wines online, but it's also fun to shop the shelves, so feel free to bring your own list and lots of questions.

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Why is Everyone Looking for Ponche Caballero Spanish Liqueur?

Posted by Beau Farrell on Oct 4, 2016 12:49:02 PM

Do you know about the "Spirit of Spain?" If you haven’t yet discovered the glory that is Ponche Caballero Spanish liqueur, there is still time.

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