Drink Calculator for a Graduation Party

Posted by Beau Farrell on May 21, 2015 3:52:00 PM

Graduation Party Calculator: How Much Wine Do You Need?

Planning a Graduation Party: How Much Wine Do You Need?

Is your child’s high school commencement approaching? Congratulations for a job well done! Seeing our kids take that major step into adulthood is a milestone worth celebrating and we in Minnesota are well known for our extended graduation parties. And, like the Minnesotans we are, we invite all of our friends, family, neighbors and even colleagues to our gatherings. So, along with lots of food, and fun, it’s important to keep folks hydrated and happy. But how do you calculate the drinks for your graduation party?

Here are a few useful tips on planning a multi-generational party that keeps everyone happy and safe.

Consider setting up a tended bar area to serve beer, wine and spirits.  By having a person or two in charge of pouring drinks, you’ll be sure cocktails are for adults only. Set up a separate area where plenty of sodas, waters and alcohol-free punch are available for everyone including your teen and his/her friends. Make that area the focal area along with the food.

Crunching the numbers:

How much to buy? Here’s where you will be grateful you paid attention in math class. Consider that most people will consume 1.5 drinks the first hour of arrival and then one drink per hour thereafter. It sounds like one of those old-fashioned word problems, but here is the basic math:

If you are inviting 50 adults (over age 21), and expect them to stay a total of three hours, you’ll want to have:

50 x 1.5 = 75
50 x 2 = 100
175 drinks

Next, consider what you want to serve your adult guests. Beer, wine, spirits? One way to break it down is to estimate wine for 30 people, beer for ten, and spirits for ten. Your friends and family may have different preferences, but here’s how we’d break it down for this sample party.

Keep it simple:

  • A 750 ml bottle of wine typically pours 5 glasses.
    Pick up a few bottles of red, a few bottles of white.
  • A 750-liter bottle of spirits typically pours 17, 1.5 ounce shots. 
    Consider a bottle of vodka and a bottle of brown liqueur such as bourbon or a scotch.
  • You’d need at least 35 bottles (or cans) of beer for our sample party. Your safest best is two cases (48).

Enjoy the party, and don’t forget the ice!

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